Club News

Sunday 7th July

Let's start with some statistics for you all. So far this year we have played a total of 22 games of which we have won 16 and lost 6. This gives us a winning percentage of 73%. We've managed to score 1601 shots to 1564 from the various opponents so a 37 point advantage so far. 

As far as weekdays go we have had 11 games and the same number for the weekends.Funnily enough we have both won 8 and lost 3.

Now I don't think we're doing too bad so far. Let's keep going and have a good year.

Swanley vs Crayford

A nice sunny day, warm and a fantastic win 111 - 57. Our highest scoring rink was skipped by Simon Court with Peter Grover playing 2 and Simon's wife Julie playing lead. They won with a whopping 38 - 3. Well done.

Kent County Cox Cup Swanley vs VCD "A"

This was the first round and we were up against stiff opposition from one of the top teams in Kent. Unfortunately despite putting up a spirited effort we were knocked out but we will be back next year for another go.

North West Kent League Fred Tyler Cup

Another knock out competition with both Swanley 1 and 2 playing at home. The first team were playing Orpington Excelsior 3 and won by 2 shots overall and move on to the next round which will be a home game against South Hill Wood 2 on Tuesday 16th at 6pm. Why not come along and show your support.

Unfortunately the second team lost against Eltham so commiserations go out to those involved and I hope next Year brings better luck. 


Swanley vs Erith Vets

Another big win for us with the score being 84 - 34. Highest scoring rink of the day was Dennis Coburn (lead), Derek Scott (2) and Mike Hawkes (skip). Well done to all.

Swanley vs Bexleyheath & Barnehurst

And another win for us being 84 - 53. They were one player short so thanks to Paul Smyth for stepping in at the last moment to help them out. The highest scoring rink was Joan Pumfrett (lead), Terry Palmer (2) and Mike Bartlett (skip).

Again well done to all.

Cancelled Games

The following game has been cancelled :-

3rd Sept     Woodlands Park

Please alter your diaries accordingly.

Green Maintenance

There is a small group of people who help to keep the green in a playable condition and we should all be very grateful to them for their dedication.

We need to increase the number of people that help so If you can spare the time then your help will be greatly appreciated generally on a Monday and Wednesday morning from 10am. Just turn up or give Mike Bartlett or Les Robus a ring to see how you may help.

Club Shirts

If you have ordered club shirts the Mike Bartlett will need your payment asap. It's £10 for the first one and £17 for any subsequent ones.


Just a quick reminder on the rules with regards to wearing shorts. Shorts can be worn as long as the captain of the home team is agreeable. As captain of the Midweek games I have no objection with the wearing of shorts however when visiting other teams then the etiquette is to approach the captain of the opposing team and ask if it will be ok to wear shorts. If they object then you will have to wear long trousers. It is very rarely refused but it does happen so just bring a pair of trousers with you just in case. 

If you don't drive or not happy driving to away games then please contact the relevant captains and they will arrange lifts for you with someone. Similarly if your happy to give a lift to someone let us know and then we can contact you if needed.

It has been arranged with the management of the Olympic that they will open the bar for us when we are playing. Please support them on this venture as they are keen to make this work as are we. At the moment food will not be available as it would not be viable to pay for a chef for a few hours. However it may well change. The Olympic is picking up its business and is making a profit once more so as has been said let's support them. 

As for the current dress code members are respectively reminded that a white shirt, polo shirt or blouse is to be worn above the waist and grey trousers and skirts below the waist. Some games (mainly weekends) and finals day will require white trousers or skirts. Please check the availability sheets for dress code. Please no jeans, tracksuit bottoms etc.  If you are just having a roll up then you can wear what you like but you must wear regulation shoes on the green.

I've been asked if you can put your names down for games using this site. The answer is a yes and a no. No you can't directly put your name on to the website but Yes if you use the contact form your message will be seen and will be acted upon and confirmed. If you don't wish to use the form then phone, text or email will work just as well.


It has been decided that if you introduce someone to the club who subsequently becomes a member then you will be rewarded with a £10 reduction in your membership fee for next year. In other words bring in 7 members and there will be no membership fee for you next year. Now that's not a bad deal is it? So get talking to your neighbours, friends, family etc and claim your reward.