Club News

13th May 2021

Well here we are embarking on a new season. The weather has been reasonable in the fact it's been dry but the wind has been cold. Lets hope it warms up soon. We do now have hand warmers for sale in the club house and at reasonable prices. 60p for one, £2 for a pack of four. A golf club within the district sells them for £2.50 each so stock up now.

We've had our first open day and we have a potential 10 new members who have now started their coaching lessons and are doing very well. I'm sure you will give them all a big warm welcome when you meet them.

I'd like to welcome Heather who now has taken charge of the kitchen and who has made quite a difference in there already. Look out for new things in the way of drinks and snacks over the coming weeks.

Covid is still around and we must all be mindful of it's presence. Lockdown is easing and this Monday will see us able to return inside for our half time breaks. So back to some sort of normality. However please continue to fill in the track and trace form or check in using the NHS app on your phone when coming to the club.

Internal competitions are now underway and good luck to all those that have entered. Also good luck to all those playing in external competitions this year.

It just remains for me to say enjoy the rest of the season and I'll see you on the green.

Keith Mitchell