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Bowls is a social sport, suitable for all levels of fitness. Check out our reasons why you should give bowls a try.

1) First, you need a place to play. Many bowls players are members of clubs, which provide facilities and opponents. As a club we can of course provide those facilities

2) Next, you need to know the rules. Fortunately, they’re easy to learn.

You can play singles, pairs or in teams

Bowls is played on grass (the green). A game starts by throwing the jack (a small white ball) down the green. Each team has bowls to roll towards the jack. The person who gets nearest to the jack gets a point and wins what’s called the ‘end’. The score is added up over 18 or 21 ends.
After each end, play is reversed and the teams bowl towards the other side of the green. Players can try to knock their opponents’ bowls away from the jack or position a bowl to block opposition shots. You can play singles, pairs or in teams. In singles, scoring is a bit different – the first player to reach 21 points is the winner.

3)  It's good exercise. You don't realise how much walking you do until you actually play it. You can walk three miles while you’re playing. You’re only doing 30m stints at a time, but you’re doing a lot of them. On top of the walking, your arms will get a workout as you perfect your bowling technique and your leg muscles will develop as you lunge into the throw.

4) Bowls truly is the sport for all, regardless of age, sex or physical ability. The gentle pace and lack of contact means you’ll often find children playing with adults and people of different abilities and fitness levels on the same team. Despite what you might think, it’s not just a sport for retirees.The general bowler is over 55. But in our international teams, there is barely anyone over 40. There is  an under 25 and under 18 international team as well

If you would like to know more or simply want give bowls a go then please fill in our contact form with your details and we will get back to you and hopefully you will join us for many years to come. We are always on the lookout for new members and why not bring a friend as well.

Bowls Etiquette

Bowls Etiquette

  • 05/08/2019 12:39 PM

Club News

Wishing a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all  

Well we now come to the quiet time when not much happens as far as playing bowls is concerned unless you have elected to play indoors over the winter. Nevertheless there is still work going on behind the scenes to ensure that next year goes smoothly and that we can increase our membership. 

We have already attended a meeting with the Swanley Town Councils Sports Forum and there has been some positive ideas that are being looked at not only by Swanley but also by Sevenoaks Council with regards to helping us increase our membership and also our prominence in the town. However for this venture to be successful the club will need to do the majority of the work. So with that in mind we will be looking for volunteers to help out.

Here are some statistics from this year.

We have played a total of 44 games with 27 wins and 17 losses that means we have a overall win rate of 63%.

We played 20 home games with 16 wins and 4 losses therefore we have a 80% home win rate which is excellent.

Out of the 24 away games we only won 11 giving us a win rate of 46%. This is where we need to improve next year  


Fixtures 2020

2020 fixtures will appear when they have been finalised

Results 2019

DateHome/AwaySwanley ScoreOpposition Score
27/04/19Away10279 (Winget)
75 (Ditton)
41 (Dartford Invicta)Rained off after 14 ends
46 (Erith Vets)
65 (GRFC)
52 (Met Police)
15/05/19Home53103 (Kings)
18/05/19Away7471 (Manor House)
19/05/19Home8276 (Belvedere Social)
21/05/19Home5854 (Bexley Park)
22/05/19Away4492 (Danson Park)
25/05/19Away69101 (St Michaels)
1/06/19Home 7570 (Orpington)
2/06/19Away6163 (Westborough)
8/05/19Away 9373 (Crayford)
15/06/19Away116143 (New Romney )
19/06/19Away7674 (Hartley)
23/06/19Home9974 (Westborough)
25/06/19Away7468 (VCD)
30/06/19Home11157 (Crayford)
02/07/19Away8434 (Erith Vets)
03/07/19Home8453 (B/Hth & B/Hurst)
10/07/19Away73112 (Borough Green)
13/07/19Away7354 (Orpington)
20/07/19Home7054 (Duke of Kent Court)
24/07/19Away5745 (Kings)
28/07/19Away7649 (Petts Wood)
30/07/19Away7143 (Bexley Park)
31/07/19Away5583 (Met Police)
03/08/19Home10076 (St Michaels)
07/08/19Home76119 (Borough Green)
10/08/19Away8855 (Helio Mirror)
13/08/19Home8279 (Dartford Invicta)
21/08/19Away4680 (Holmesdale)
22/08/19Home8950 (VCD)
27/08/19Away6762 (GRFC)
29/08/19Home7060 (Danson Pk)
01/09/19Away6172 (Belvedere SBC)
04/09/19Home10065 (Manor House)
05/09/19Away11592 (Ditton)
10/09/19Home7577 (Empire)
66 (B/hth& B/hrst)
47 (Winget)


North West Kent Tables

Committee Members



Marion Robus

Vice President

Ray Craddock


Edith Challoner


Mike Bartlett

Match Secretary & NWK Div 8 Captain

Keith Mitchell

Midweek & NWK Div 5 Captain

Keith Gibbs

Weekend Captain

Dennis Coburn

Committee Member

Sylvia Moss

Committee Member

Pat Boatwright

Committee Member


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